Anwaar Al Shimmari

Chief Innovation Officer at Ministry of Energy and Infrastructure

Listen to Anwaar Al Shimmari

5:30-6:30 (CET+4)
Theme: How women are leading business in the MENA Region

Anwaar Al Shimmari is Chief Innovation Officer and Director of Land Transport at the UAE’s Ministry of Energy and Infrastructure where she also leads the artificial intelligence (AI) team and the Scientific Research committee.

She is a member of the UAE 50 years Preparedness Task Force. Eng. Al Shimmari has 20 years of multi-discipline experience in architecture, urban planning, engineering, and infrastructure, and Transportation sectors. She is a official judge, keynote speaker and trainer in the fields of engineering, Innovation, AI, and Leadership. She has judged over 4000 individuals, entities, and projects including Sharjah Innovation Award 2020.

She holds a BSc in Architectural Engineering (Magna Cum Laude) from UAE University, two master’s degrees in urban planning and transport planning from AUS, and is a PhD candidate in Governance of Urban Planning Policies. Al Shimmari holds a diploma in Public Innovation from University of Cambridge, and another in Executive Leadership from Oxford University.

A board member at Sheikh Zayed Housing Program and vice president of ASTM Chapter in UAE, Al Shimmari is a member of numerous entities, such as IAARC, IQLI, GINI Council, Innovation 360, and AIPMM.

She represents UAE on the International Government Modernization Projects. She had several awards regionally and internationally.