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Founder of Tiara by Ashish Vijay
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Theme: Inspiring Women - Investors Perspective

Ashish Vijay (born July 17, 1981) is an Indian jeweller, philanthropist and businessman, best known as the founder of Dubai-based gems and jewellery firm Tiara. The Tiara flagship store is located at the prestigious DIFC area in Dubai. The company deals with high quality rare gems and jewels, and has a unique collection of fancy color diamonds, rubies, emeralds, sapphires and alexandrites from across the world. Tiara has been featured in The Forbes magazine, The Times of India newspaper, The Business Insider business news website, and other reputed global media outlets.In 2020, Ashish Vijay established the investment company Seiko Financial Services, with the main aim to invest in venture capital funds and growth equity. According to Ashish Vijay, female founded startups are among the main areas of the company’s interests, because women are the driving force in the world today.