Carine de Meyere

CCO Women in Tech®
Netherlands / USA

Listen to Carine de Meyere

[Day 1]
02.20 pm - 03.30 pm
Theme: Pitching Competition
[Day 2]
Theme: One decade to achieve the SDG’s. What’s the roadmap to bridge the gender gap in STEM?

About Carine de Meyere

Educated at Wells College, Oxford University and Harvard University and University of Amsterdam. Women’s Studies & Social Sciences, Social Entrepreneurship & Technology.

In order for the world to be able to move forward we need to think in the power of creating global uncommon collaborations and sustainable partnerships and bring in more women into the equation and to the decision making table! Women globally make up more than half of the total workforce yet when it comes to women in leadership positions of power and influence we still have long ways to go! When it comes to women in STEM we are talking about much lower figures.

Business has become the ultimate driver of social and environmental impact and social change and have become more incorporated and integrated into the daily practice, making business more purposeful, environmentally and social connected, diverse and inclusive. And technology is the tool to accelerate this process.

As a global visionary humanitarian and women’s rights advocate, as impact investor and knowledge broker with a innate passion for technology I open up a broader discussion about how business can (and should be) used to make the world sustainable, just, verdant and more peaceful.

When the UN announced their 17 Sustainability Development Goals for 2030 I knew those goals were only going to be met if the UN would embrace and incorporate technology to execute all of these goals in order to bridge the gender gap so that women and girls all around the world would be empowered and simultaneously achieving the 17 SDG’s proclaimed by the UN.

Therefore as the CCO of the fastest growing online technology platform – Women in Technology – global movement I am proud to say that we have made it our mission to empower 5 million women and girls by 2030! Never doubt what a small group of committed citizens can do to change the world. Which is exactly what we did with the creation of the Women in Technology – global movement which is now active in over 16 countries around the globe with over 35.000 members.

My motto is! Real sustainable change comes from within. So be the change you wish to see in the world.