H.E. Teuta Sahatqija

Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs and Diaspora- Republic of Kosova

Listen to Minister Teuta Sahatqija

[Day 1]
4:25 -5:30(CET+4)
Theme: One decade to achieve the SDG’s. What’s the roadmap to bridge the gender gap in STEM?

Teuta Sahatqija graduated in Prishtina University in Electronic Engineering as one of the best students. From 1999-2004 she was owner and director of private telecommunication company Gjakova. During 1987-1999, she was manager of computer center in a food production company in Gjakova. 1985-1987 Engineer in maintenance in big textile production company in Prizren. Participated and spoken in various international conferences as NATO Parliamentary Assembly, Economic Forum in Krynice, Rome, etc. She was also a member of various Parliamentary delegations during visits to Parliaments to Belgium, Italy, Sweden, France, Greece, Spain, etc. Her political experience is very broad.

From 2004-2005 she was the first President of ORA Gjakova Branch. Between 2005 -2008 she was the Vice President of RP ORA. From 2004-2007 she has been elected as a member of Parliament, than she was Chair Person of ORA Parliamentary Group, Member of Parliamentary Committee of Economy, Trade, Industry, Telecommunication and Transport, Member of Parliamentary Committee for International Affairs, Member of informal Women Parliamentary Group. During 2008-2010 Ms. Sahatqija has been elected as President of Reformist Party ORA while at 2010 as Vice President of LDK Party. Currently she is a Member of Parliament, First Vice President of Committee in Economic Development and President of Women Parliamentarian Caucus.