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Theme: Inspiring Women - Investors Perspective

Karen Melonie Gould is the Founder and Rockstar of Raising Investment Globally with our Dream Team and during COVID-19 we raised 10 times. We produce Killer Pitch Decks and documents for our clients and have over 40.000 Investors in our ‘DEAL ROOM’ I am an International Speaker/Author, and my sweet spot is Family Offices/UHNWI Investors which compliments my Partners both ex VC Europe and USA. As I am passionate about my ‘sandpit’ which I continue to carve out I look to inspire any Founder to become Great!

Our Investor Events particularly in the Family Office space has grown due to our London success in 2019 Family Office Summit in July 2019 with over 150 Family Offices attending. in 2021 we will continue with this success and we hope due to #covid our Family Office/UHNWI Investor Events in London will resume in person but until now they will be online.

Karen started out her own Entrepreneur journey back in the 90’s with two successful business one which she created and started in the Dating industry which she took to a £10m turnover within 3 years. The other business was a Training and Business Development Consultancy which had clients from Virgin – and other Top FTSE clients in the UK. Karen was one of the first in the UK to set up in May 2014 her Alternative finance platform which has been outsourced to a leading UK competitor using their technology and relaunched 2017 as an Investment Portal working with Family Offices globally and also offering our Investors Investor Events to network and showcase our own ‘DEAL Flow.

In 2021 Our Pitching Events for Founders are online focusing on VC- Family Offices/UHNWI and Angel Investors.
Karen Melonie Gould CEO