Lieke Lamb

Co-Founder Future Expertise Center & Nederland Werkt Door TV
Netherlands / USA

[Day 2]
Online - TBC
Theme: Embracing Intersectionality in Tech

As an Innovation Ambassador and Trend Strategist Lieke Lamb for over 20 years has been following the technological, social and economic trends on a global level. Besides advising Corporates and Government, writing Future Perspectives and guiding companies and startups with implementing and paving new roads towards the future, she also enters the stage as a KeyNoteSpeaker to give the audience a swirling heads up about the enormous transition and digital revolution. (Dutch or English) Things that are no longer dreams of the future but already part of our present! How do we handle? How will they develop? She also gives practical tips to work with the new reality and cope with the new challenges the world is presenting to us.

Lieke is one of the most requested Trendspeakers of the Netherlands. For the different Industries she looks at what lies ahead. Which Trends and Technologies will you be taking seriously and how will you apply them in an useful way. How can you properly be prepared for the future without losing track of the present. How will you get everyone to go with you to the next fase? Anxiety and resistant aren’t new things when it comes to change. Which lessons can we learn from the innovations from the past. What are the obstacles for implementing a new innovation, what do you have to take in consideration if you want a product of service to succeed? As easy as the question : “What will this do to the economy, labor and politics?” she will discuss issues as “What will this do to real attention, love and human engagement”