Madison Campbell

CEO at Leda Health
Country :
Los Angeles

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2:15-3:15 (CET+4)
Theme: Blockchain beyond Crypto: non-financial uses of blockchain for a more transparent world.

“Madison Campbell is a young sexual assault advocate and technological innovator hoping to revolutionize the ways in which sexual assault is handled on a holistic scale. She is the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Leda Health, formerly known as MeToo Kits Company.

In 2019, Madison co-founded MeToo Kits Company in Brooklyn, New York in order to create a system meant to solve the issues with how sexual assault is managed. She saw some fundamental problems, such as the fact that in the United States, 77% of sexual assaults are not reported and that there are only 1,231 registered sexual assault nurse examiners. She also considered how survivors feel physically and mentally and the impact this has on reporting.

While the initial idea was an at-home sexual assault examination kit, Madison and her co-founder Liesel realized that much more work must be done in order to resolve the widespread issues. Using her experience with mathematical modeling and epidemiology as well as policy and women’s rights, Madison determined that MeToo Kits Company was ready to evolve.

Thus, from MeToo Kits grew Leda Health – the survivor company. Under the new name, the company is seeking to not only revolutionize forensic collection and testing but also to connect survivors with medical professionals and supportive communities to aid them in their recovery process. For sexual assault survivors, the restoration of autonomy and the administration of care is of the utmost importance. This is what Madison, and Leda Health, aim to achieve. “