Yvette Ramos

France, Switzerland

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[Day 2]
5:30-6:00 (CET+4)
Theme: Fireside chat Yvette Ramos & David Savage

More about Yvette Ramos

Yvette RAMOS, Ms. Science of Engineering (electronics-telecom), EPF(1992), France and Ms. Human Resource Management, MBA(IAE2002). With a background in Engineering and twenty five years professional experience, starting with a position of Project Manager in the Industry (Schlumberger, Ascom) to Expert in Strategic planning and Change Management, including capacity development for telecom companies and hydrological, meteorological and climate services at international level, she has developed extensive experience on managing teams and projects abroad.

Over the last twenty years, she had the chance to work with international teams, in the private and public sector, in the business and development environment. She holds the position of Expert at the specialized United Nations Agency the ITU, the International Telecom Union, Development Bureau, and the World Meteorological organization, both with HQ in Geneva, Switzerland.

She has recently accepted the challenging position of Project Manager (2018-2021) of the System Integrator of the AIRBM-2 World Bank project for the modernization of the Department of Meteorology and Hydrology of Myanmar.
First woman president of the +100 years aged Swiss Engineering Geneva chapter (2011-…) and founder and president of WOMENVAI, an international NGO a platform for innovative projects in Environment and High-Tech – led by women – supported by women AND men.