Live Sessions - 24 February

10h15 (GMT+4): The rise and future of FemTech

11h00 (GMT+4): The rise of Women-led Start-ups and how they are impacting the MENA Region

12h00 (GMT+4): “You can’t be what you can’t see” The importance of Role models encouraging women and girls to choose a career in STEM

13h00 (GMT+4): WOMEN IN INNOVATION: Myth or Magic? How are women leading the new Tech scene

13h55 (GMT+4): Importance of international cooperation for AI & Data- Introducing I-DAIR

14h15 (GMT+4): Blockchain beyond Crypto: non-financial uses of blockchain for a more transparent world.

15h45 (GMT+4): The digital transition and gender perspective: a challenge for European Union

16h30 (GMT+4): Embracing Intersectionality in Tech

17h30 (GMT+4): Fireside chat Yvette Ramos & David Savage

18h00 (GMT+4): Fireside chat Khalid Elgibali and Ayumi Moore Aoki

18h00 (GMT+4): Pitching competition

19h30 (GMT+4): How to remove bias from AI

20h30 (GMT+4): Insights into Digital Health – Fireside chat with Adele Waugaman

20h45 (GMT+4): Fireside chat with Nanjira Sambuli

21h00 (GMT+4): The importance of legal tech, opportunities and women engagement

22h00 (GMT+4): Closing remarks

Live Sessions - 23 February

15h00 (GMT+4): Opening of the Women in Tech Global Forum, and panel “Managing Business Uncertainty – WIT perspective”

16h25 (GMT+4): One decade to achieve the SDG’s. What’s the roadmap to bridge the gender gap in STEM?

17h30 (GMT+4): How women are leading business in the MENA Region?

18h30 (GMT+4): THE FUTURE OF WORK: FRIEND OR FOE. How ubiquitous working are changing family dynamics

19h30 (GMT+4): Increasing women interest in STEM Education

20h15 (GMT+4): Inspiring Women – Investors Perspective

21h15 (GMT+4): Reimagining Global Health Through Artificial Intelligence: Fireside Chat with Ann Aerts

21h35 (GMT+4): Fireside Chat with Marina Mogilko