2 Days [February 23-24, Sharjah, U.A.E.] 30 Sessions 100 Speakers WATCH THE lIVE FORUM
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The decade’s first and largest hybrid women in technology conference in the world

It will be a full online event for an augmented human experience, a full global reach and a more engaged community.

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The World’s premier rendez-vous focusing on gender and diversity as well as new tech trends for women in technology.

First Day | Tuesday
February 23, 2021
Second Day | Wednesday
February 24, 2021
03:00pm (UTC+4)
Welcome note by H.E. Hussain Al Mahmoudi and Ayumi Moore Aoki
03:15pm (UTC+4)
Opening Address
Introduction speeches by H.E. Sarah Al Amiri
Minister of Advanced Sciences of the United Arab Emirates,
Chair of the UAE Space agency and the Science lead of the Emirates Mars Mission
3:25pm (UTC+4)
Panel 1: Managing Business Uncertainty - WIT perspective
H.E. Sheikha Lubna Alqasimi, Former Minister of UAE
Dr Manahel Thabet, Founder and President of SmartTips Consultants
Najla Almadfaa, CEO at Sharjah Entrepreneurship Center (Sheraa)
H.E. Sheikha Hind Alqasimi, Chairperson of Sharjah Women Business Council
Moderator: Mayssoun Azzam, AlArabiyia News Presenter
4:25pm (UTC+4)
Panel 2: One decade to achieve the SDG’s. What’s the roadmap to bridge the gender gap in STEM?
Irene Natividad, President GlobeWomen Research & Education Institute
Gülser Corat, Former Director of Gender equality UNESCO
H.E. Teuta Sahatqija, Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs and Diaspora- Republic of Kosova
Moderator: Carine de Meyere, CCO Women in Tech®
5:30pm (UTC+4)
Panel 3: How women are leading business in the MENA Region
Dr Tarifa Alzaabi, Acting Director General for ICBA
Rola Abu Manneh, CEO Standard Chartered Bank, UAE
Anwaar Al Shimmari, Chief Innovation Officer at Ministry of Energy and Infrastructure
Claudia Vergueiro Massei, CEO Siemens Oman
Moderator: Suraya Turk, CEO Legal Circle
6:30pm (UTC+4)
Panel 4: THE FUTURE OF WORK: FRIEND OR FOE. How ubiquitous working are changing family dynamics
Kathryn Rose, CEO and Founder WiseHer
Catherine Gall, Executive Scretary Chaire ETI - Sorbonne
Camas Winsor, COO Rangle
Kristina Tikhonova, CEO Microsoft Russia
Moderator: Nishan Chelvachandran, Director of Policy and Advocacy Women in Tech®
7:30pm (UTC+4)
Panel 6: Increasing women interest in STEM Education
Paula Belizzia,Vice President Google LATAM
Dr Maja Zelihic,Department Chair Advanced Forbes School of Business & Technology
Lindalia Reis,Foubnder and CEO HackingRio
Moderator: Andrea Sesum,Co-founder of HER Digital Academy, Women in Tech Ambassador
8:15pm (UTC+4)
Panel 5: Inspiring Women - Investors Perspective
Ashish Vijay,Founder of Tiara
Lucy Chow,Executive, IC WBAF Angel Investment Fund
Huda AlLawati,Private Equity Professional, Chief Investment Officer
Karen Melonie Gould,General Partner at Global Ventures
Moderator: Nadia Mannell, Director Vitality
9:15pm (UTC+4)
Reimagining Global Health Through Artificial Intelligence: Fireside chat with Ann Aerts
Ann Aerts M. D, Head of the Novatis Foundation, Florence Gaudry-Perkins, CEO/Founder-Digital Health Partnerships
9:35pm (UTC+4)
Firesidechat with Marina Mogilko
Marina Mogilko,Co-founder at Linguatrip.com
Elina Valeeva, CEO Meditivity
10:00am (UTC+4)
The rise and future of FemTech
Sophie Smith,CEO Nabta Health
Shamim Nabuuma Kaliisa,Speak at Gen Z Talks
Moderator: Melissa Slaymaker,WIT Ambassador South-Africa
11:00am (UTC+4)
The rise of Women-led Start-ups and how they are impacting the MENA Region
Melda Akin,Founder & CEO D14.ai
Amna AlJarwan,Co-Founder at Knack
Ambareen Musa,CEO Souqalmal
Kanika Gupta Shori,Founder and Chief Operating Officer of Square Yards
Amanda Perry,Founder and CEO Vitality
12:00pm (UTC+4)
"You can't be what you can't see" The importance of Role models encouraging women and girls to choose a career in STEM
Tatiana Serykh,Chief product Officer Zyfra
Patama Chantaruck,Managing Director IBM Thailand
Silvina Moschini,Co-founder and chairwoman
Lindsey Nefesh-Clarke,Founder & Managing Director
Katerina Trajchevska,Co-founder and CEO Adeva
1:00pm (UTC+4)
WOMEN IN INNOVATION: Myth or Magic? How are women leading the new Tech scene
Nerissa Naidu,co-founder and CEO āxil
Caroline Ball, Architect Capgemini
Regina Viadro,VP, Co-Head, NA/East and Midwest EPAM
Hwalani Mabaso,Provincial General Manager
1:55pm (UTC+4)
Insights into Digital Health: Fireside chat with Amandeep Gill
Amandeep Gill, CEO/Project Director of I-DAIR,
Florence Gaudry-Perkins, CEO/Founder-Digital Health Partnerships
02:15pm (UTC+4)
Blockchain beyond Crypto: non-financial uses of blockchain for a more transparent world.
Madison Campbell, CEO Leda Health
Liesel Vaidya, CTO and Co-Founder Leda Health
Sandy Beky, Founder HeHop
Shirly Valge, COO Velas Network AG
Nishan,Founder and CEO Iron Lakes
03:15pm (UTC+4)
Fireside chat with Khalid Elgibali and Ayumi
Khalid Elgibali,President Mastercard MENA
Ayumi,Founder & CEO Women in Tech® and Social Brain
03:45pm (UTC+4)
The digital transition and gender perspective: a challenge for European Union
Speaker: H.E Maria Leitao Marques
04:30pm (UTC+4)
Embracing Intersectionality in Tech
Ozioma Egwuonwu,Founder | Chief Strategic Officer BurnBright International
Reshma Ramachandran,"Senior Vice President & Group Head of Transformation"Adecco Group
Isabelle Mauro,Director - Head Telecommunications & Digital Communication IndustryWorld Economic Forum
Bianca Tudor,Founder & CEO Elite Business Women & ELITE Communication
Lieke Lamb,Co-Founder Future Expertise Center & Nederland Werkt Door TV, boardmember Women in Tech NL
05:30pm (UTC+4)
Fireside chat Yvette Ramos & David Savage
Yvette Ramos,President WOMENVAI and SWISSENGINEERING Geneva
06:00pm (UTC+4)
Pitching Contest LIVE
Sophie Smith,Co-founder and CEO Nabta health
07:30pm (UTC+4)
How to remove bias from AI
Isabelle Mashola,CEO Founder Isahit
Terralyn Forsyth,Co-Founder and Head of ProductFutureFit AI
Eve Logunova Founder & Managing Partner at Evenness, Women in AI Ambassador
Raluca Crisan,Co-Founder ETIQ
08:30pm (UTC+4)
Insights into Digital Health : Fireside chat with Adele Waugaman
Adele Waugaman,Digital Health for Universal Health Coverage, Florence Gaudry-Perkins,CEO/Founder-Digital Health Partnerships
08:45pm (UTC+4)
Fireside chat with Nanjira Sambuli
Nanjira Sambuli, researcher, policy analyst and advocacy strategist
09:00pm (UTC+4)
The importance of legal tech , opportunities and women engagement
Kamila Kurkowska,creator and President of The Women in Law Foundation
Marisa Monteiro Borsboom,CEO of MQM legal center and ELTA board member
Helena Hallgarn
Frances Singleton Clift
10:00pm (UTC+4)
Closing remarks
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Hear inspiring talks, exclusive panels and take part in different workshops at both online and in-person sessions.

H.E. Sarah Al Amiri

[Minister of State for Advanced Technology]

H.E. Sheikha Lubna Khalid Al Qasimi

[Minister of State, UAE]

HE Sheikha Hind bint Majid Al Qasimi

[Chairperson | Sharjah Business Women Council (SBWC)]

Hussain Al Mahmoudi


Ayumi Moore Aoki

[Founder & CEO Women in Tech® and Social Brain]

H.E. Teuta Sahatqija

[Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs and Diaspora- Republic of Kosova]

Patama Chantaruck

[Vice President for Indochina Expansion and Managing Director of IBM Thailand]

Paula Bellizia

[Vice President Marketing Latin America at Google]

Najla Al-Midfa

[CEO at Sharjah Entrepreneurship Center (Sheraa)]

Gülser Corat

[Director of Gender Equality at UNESCO]

Rola Abu Manneh

[CEO, Standard Chartered Bank, UAE]

Dr Manahel Thabet

[Founder and President of SmartTips Consultants]

Dr. Tarifa Alzaabi

[Acting Director General for ICBA]

Khalid Elgibali

[President Mastercard MENA]

Silvina Moschini

[CoFounder, President of TransparentBusiness]

Lucy Chow

[Executive, IC WBAF Angel Investment Fund]
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